We deliver NexGen technologies and tailored cyber security, business continuity, and risk management solutions to enable private sector business objectives and public sector mission essential functions.

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Cyber Security

We enable cost-effective strategies for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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Physical Security

We ensure data centers, facilities, and employees are protected from technical, environmental, and physical threats.

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Continuity of Operations

We assist with FCD-1 compliance and continuous operation of NEFs/PMEFs/MEFs regardless of threat or location.

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Continuous Risk Management

We perform risk assessments to identify and reduce operational risk exposure to acceptable levels.

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Cyber Resilience

We provide a variety of security documentation support for accreditations and certifications.

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Sole-Source Contracting

As an Alaska Native Corporation, we can receive non-protestable sole-source awards.

“After years of attending meetings to debate a variety of cyber and physical security issues related to networked, cloud-based, mobile, SCADA, Internet of Things, and stand-alone platforms, I grew to appreciate the complexities of security decision-making and the need for practical guidance on the topic of cyber risk management. A company CEO once told me “If you ever tell me no, I’ll fire you! Your job is not to tell me what I can’t do, but to tell me how I can do what I want as securely as possible!”. Sugpiat Defense, LLC offers services designed to help organizations demystify and manage cyber risk. Are you tired of IT fire-fighting and business uncertainty? Are security “no” decisions impacting your mission or business goals? We can help!”

- Drew Buchanan

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As a Small Disadvantaged Business able to qualify in all NAICS Codes, we invite teaming opportunities from industry partners.

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