Learn, Exercise, test

We offer immersive and operational training, exercises, and facility space to validate your organizational resilience.

Customized configurations support your mission requirements with realistic, simulated attacks allowing your organization to predict, protect, manage, and survive cyber and all-hazards threats.

With each student in mind, CyberWerx Academy™ offers the following advantages:

  • 100% Guaranteed Free One Course Re-take should the student fail to pass a certification exam.
  • Free one year access to our Skillsoft Cyber Library with access to 1000’s of books, on demand training videos, practice tests, and challenge labs.
  • Free resume building support and career transition mentoring for U.S. Military (Active Duty and Veterans) and their spouses, and displaced cyber workforce professionals.
  • Customized immersive cyber operations curriculum that reinforces learning through hands-on and practical exercises that simulate real-world cyber risk scenarios.
  • We maintain quality in everything we do! Unlike many training providers, we have been independently audited by several best practice bodies for quality and cybersecurity maturity.


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Cyberwerx® services

CyberWerx AcademyTM

Cybersecurity Training Services

Lab Environment

Discover Vendor & Supplier Risks

CyberWerx® Range

Real-World Simulation

cyber Workforce Training solutions

Training Solutions

CyberWerx Academy TM customizes the student learning experience with tailored and operationalized one-day to six-month individual and team training packages

Consulting Services

CyberWerx® offers consulting services designed to provide short-term subject matter expertise in any cyber security or organizational resilience area of need

Mentoring Services

Our instructors are available after instruction to provide ongoing guidance to students who have successfully completed a CyberWerx AcademyTM course

Cyber Engineering

Engineer, deploy, and manage on-premises, cloud, and hybrid range solutions with tailored curriculum and tools developed for your mission requirements

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